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We innovate to increase flexibility

Maintenance is a key factor for the correct functioning, conservation and safety of the production line and the final quality of the industrial product.

As comprehensive elements of the industrial process, LD Facility studies, analyses and develops action protocols based on the following factors:


Backed by our R&D team, technological innovation is one of the pillars of our business culture. The goals we aim to achieve include improving the quality of our services and professional specialisation. We use state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to implement this.


Flexibility is one of the key elements of the industrial cleaning service. We adapt our work methodology for each of our projects in order to adapt the service structure to the needs of our clients.


We work on the systematisation and mechanisation of our service applied to each production process. This leads to better optimisation of costs and greater equipment autonomy.


We rely on service engineering to guarantee our clients optimim operability: the capacity for immediate and permanent reaction.

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