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    Cleaning services for companies

    Professional cleaning services for companies and industries. Eco-friendly products and qualified personnel.

    LD Facility Services provides process efficiency-focused cleaning services for companies. Our goal is to avoid the maximum impact on the daily activity of the company, through the Productive Cleaning Performance (PCP) working methodology.

    To do this, we use service engineering, which allows us to understand the unique needs of each of the economic sectors. In this way, we are able to adapt our professional cleaning service for companies, to the requirements of each one.

    We have qualified personnel with experience in the sector, which allows us to offer professional cleaning solutions for the different types of companies and economic sectors.

    Our cleaning services for companies allow to maintain worker-friendly spaces, favoring the productivity of workspaces. In addition, at LD Facility Services, we are committed to environmentally friendly cleaning.

    Having the support of our comprehensive cleaning company guarantees quality results for your company thanks to the use of technology and trained personnel that will focus solely on your project.

    Benefits of cleaning services for companies

    Having clean workspaces is an essential part on the way to productivity, which is why having a professional and qualified cleaning team is paramount for any company.

    Cost reduction: Having a comprehensive cleaning service for companies saves on hiring costs, allowing each company to focus on the success of their business.

    Increased productivity: Clean workspaces have been shown to promote labor productivity by at least 15%, while reducing stress levels.

    Responsible Eco: Our cleaning services for companies are designed to reduce water consumption, allowing more environmentally friendly processes. We also use eco-friendly products that help reduce the carbon footprint.

    Benefits of comprehensive cleaning services

    Trust a cleaning company with more than 80 years of history. Our cleaning company specializes in:

    Recurring cleaning

    An important part of developing an efficient cleaning service is planning. That is why we have recurrent cleaning processes for each place that allow us to guarantee the results of our services.

    General cleaning

    A comprehensive cleaning service designed for specific situations such as the realization of an event or the completion of remodeling works. Our staff adapts to the circumstances of each client.

    Industrial cleaning

    We carry out industrial cleaning and disinfection through safe and efficient processes. With LD Facility Services, the cleaning of industrial machinery will be in expert and qualified hands.

    Sanitary cleaning

    We design comprehensive cleaning processes exclusive to the requirements of the healthcare sector. Thanks to our efficient processes, experience and state-of-the-art technology, we can ensure efficient and effective results in cleaning hospitals, health facilities and residences.

    Food cleaning

    We have specific personnel and products for each type of need, this allows us to guarantee the delivery of optimal solutions. With our cleaning services you can be sure of the hygiene of your food plant.

    Glass Cleaning

    At LD Facility Services we are equipped with the best technology for cleaning glass in heights. This allows us to ensure efficient processes for our customers and safe for our workers.

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