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    We implement comprehensive maintenance projects and technical services for industrial environments and buildings»

    The contracting of qualified technical services and industrial maintenance is the best solution for industries or companies with technological machinery. It allows them to ensure the correct operation of both the facilities and the work machines, ensuring that the company saves time and money in repairs.

    In this way, having an industrial technical service offered by LD Facility Services allows to have comprehensive industrial maintenance extended over time, which translates into peace of mind for the company and its workers.

    The commitment to our customers has led us to create a technical service designed to provide comprehensive support for all their needs, which results in a process of maintenance and technical assistance that is continued over time.

    To do this, at LD Facility Services, we support our customers from the installation of industrial machinery to ensure their correct operation, to the recurrent maintenance.

    Then, thanks to the management of industrial maintenance, you will be able to have a complete preventive, conductive and corrective maintenance plan to guarantee the operation of the installations and extend the life of the machinery.

    In this way, thanks to technical services, internal efforts will only be focused on productivity without having to worry about failures that could harm the industrial process.

    Advantages of industrial maintenence

    Thanks to the technical services and industrial maintenance of LD Facility you will only have to focus on what is important, grow your business.

    Lower costs: Your company’s machinery and facilities will have better performance and longer service life, reducing the costs of replacing machinery.

    Increased productivity: With up-to-date industrial maintenance, your facilities will be able to perform at their best, allowing you to increase the productivity of your business.

    Greater efficiency: Thanks to technical services and industrial maintenance management, you will also be able to reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower fixed costs.

    Areas of specialization in industrial maintenance:

    Trust an industrial maintenance company with more than 80 years of history. Our industrial maintenance technicians are specialized in:

    Design and implementation

    We create and execute technical management projects to improve the performance of our customers’ facilities and machines to achieve the maximum performance of the company.

    Preventive maintenance

    Preventing failures and reducing machinery repairs is essential. Therefore, having a team of industrial maintenance technicians such as LD Facility Services is key to achieve maximum productivity.

    Comprehensive maintenance

    We offer comprehensive solutions to ensure results. By having a 360-degree view of the spaces and machinery we obtain more control over the maintenance and execution of the technical service plan

    Energetic efficiency

    Our comprehensive technical maintenance service includes industrial electrical maintenance to support potential electricity-related issues. This results in reduced costs for electricity consumption.

    Route Support Teams

    Part of our technical services are designed to support the needs of our customers in all their business areas. For this reason we have specialized staff to support logistics and transport

    Renovations and adequacy of facilities

    To obtain the maximum performance of the facilities, we create reform plans and adaptations that allow to improve the travels within the facilities, saving time and resources.

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