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    Special employment and integration centre

    For LD Facility Services, socio-labor integration is an angular point, so we have created a special employment center, which allows more people with disabilities to work.

    In Spain, as part of the processes of employment inclusion, the General Law on Disability (LGD) has been created, which seeks to enhance the integration of people with disabilities into the world of work.

    According to this Law, any company with more than 50 permanent workers must have at least 2% of its workforce with people with some degree of disability.

    That is why, being consistent with our commitment to labor integration, we provide assistance to companies that need to cover this need to hire people with disabilities.

    At LD Facility we help you with the processes of searching, selecting and training the staff that will join the company, to make it an efficient and effective labor integration.

    In addition, we ensure that everyone involved is aware of all stages of the selection process. We also take care of the labor integration of the selected staff and their constant training.

    Advantages of the Special Employment Centre

    Save time: Thanks to our special employment center you will be able to have the necessary staff in less time. At LD Facility Services, we take care of the search and selection process.

    Efficiency: The collaborator will arrive trained and ready to join the team, in this way the labor integration will be fast and fluid having a minimal impact on internal productivity.

    Peace of mind: Thanks to our special employment center, the needs of hiring people with disabilities will be under control. With LD Facility Services you will always be complying with the LGD.

    Specialization in socio-labor integration

    Trust the socio-labor integration of LD Facility Services. Our service is focused on providing solutions of:

    Definition of work profiles

    In our special employment center we take care of defining the professional profile that our client requires. This way we make sure that all needs are met.

    Search and selection of staff

    We take care of the entire employee selection process. We seek candidates, interview and train staff, so that labor integration develops quickly, efficiently and effectively.

    Awareness-raising days

    To ensure that socio-labor integration is carried out with the least impact, we generate awareness-raising days for workers that will facilitate the interpersonal relationship within the teams.

    Comprehensive advice

    With our service you will have legal advice for companies in matters of employment inclusion. This way you can be sure if you need to hire people with disabilities and how to do it

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