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    Auxiliary Services, comprehensive solutions

    In an increasingly competitive world, optimizing times and resources is essential, and for that, the auxiliary services are your best ally.

    Auxiliary services are the best way to save on internal management costs, because through auxiliary services the company obtains the people it requires to achieve all the internal organization needs, without having to carry out the long hiring processes.

    In this way, having the support of a professional services company such as LD Facility Services, will allow you to dedicate all efforts to the development of the commercial activity, allowing you to be more profitable and productive.

    Whether in Barcelona or Madrid, at LD Facility Services you will find the perfect ally. Our commitment to our customers forces us to have demanding selection processes, and thus be able to offer quality auxiliary services through qualified and trained personnel.

    With our auxiliary services, concierge, cleaning, telephone service, security and internal management will be ensured by our professional staff.

    In addition, at LD Facility Services we know how important it is to maintain a professional and consistent image at all times, so we make sure that all the staff who join our clients’ offices, fits perfectly with the image and corporate values.

    Advantages of auxiliary services

    Having a team that delivers services within the company is full of benefits for the internal management of any business:

    Fully outsourced service: This allows you to maintain greater control over costs, increase equipment productivity and greater specialization

    Stability of work equipment: Stability is the key to quality, that’s why at LD Facility Services we favor the stay of our workers

    Cost savings: Having LD Facility auxiliary services assistants save maintenance costs

    Our auxiliary services:

    Trust an auxiliary services company with more than 80 years of history. Our auxiliary, administrative and security staff are the solution specialized in:


    Our staff will be able to assist the reception work inside any company or commercial premises. An essential task to improve the user experience and facilitate the internal management of services or processes. You can also answer your phone and improve communication with potential customers.

    Customer service

    Keeping users or customers informed is very important today. For this reason at LD Facility Services we have specialized staff in customer service, allowing effective communication to improve the user experience.


    Having a reliable staff that organizes and manages meetings with clients is essential for almost any business process. With our auxiliary services, you will have experienced and trained staff so that you only focus on the important business.

    Access control

    Maintaining control over people who can access the company is important. To do this, at LD Facility Services, we have staff focused on security and access control, who will ensure the security of your facilities.

    Internal mail

    Maintaining efficient and secure communication allows important documents to arrive at their destination on the agreed term. As part of LD Facility Services, you’ll find internal mail solutions.

    Internal logistics

    Our auxiliary services also allow to support the management of the internal logistics of any type of companies. Product reception, quality verification, storage and internal movements will be covered by highly qualified personnel.


    Increases the productivity of the internal business, through reprographic processes. This service allows your staff to focus on the most essential business processes, while these tasks remain covered by the LD Facility Services team.

    Facility Support

    Reach out to LD Facility Support professionals. You can fully trust that our staff will perfectly manage the rooms of your office building, prepare each space as you need, manage entry and exit cards for visitors, will be in charge of calling taxis to pick up your clients and many more tasks

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