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We innovate in effective hygiene practices

Hygiene is a high priority need that is inherent to the food industry, so it is essential that it is implemented, controlled and maintained correctly.

Hygienic practices must be effective at all stages, from production to product consumption, and therefore LD Facility bases its work on the following areas:


We invest in the most advanced sanitation systems on the market and apply our green service action plan to guarantee all production areas implement a strict level of cleanliness that ensures the correct development of the production process.


We use the most sustainable cleaning system on the market, Green Cleaning, as well as carefully selected machinery, detergents and disinfectants in an aim to minimise the environmental impact. We design new work practices aimed at reducing the use of energy resources.


Our team is our greatest asset. We promote specialisation through initial and continuous training, enabling efficient implementation and development in each project.


We have created a control system with result verification which illustrates to us the effectiveness of the programme and enables us to make any necessary changes.

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