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    LD Facility garden maintenance

    Keep your areas green thanks to our garden service. Maintaining gardens and parks quality.

    Green areas are a very important part of the decoration of almost any public or private space, but we know that it represents a significant effort in terms of time and money. For this reason, having a garden maintenance team like the LD Facility is the key.

    We have gardeners specialized in the maintenance of gardens and parks and that will help you to enhance the green areas of your public or private spaces. In this way, thanks to the experience of our staff, you can be sure that your spaces will look healthy and cared for.

    Understanding the diversity of our clients, we create gardening projects adapted to each space and types of plants, allowing results in the shortest possible time.

    Our gardeners are trained to perform all the necessary actions so that the gardens are up to the premises of our clients.

    To ensure the results, our projects include regular garden maintenance. In this manner, we can put at your disposal technology that will ensure healthy and leafy vegetation, free of pests and weeds.

    Advantages of garden maintenance

    Having sloppy gardens will result in problems that will affect the value of the property and the image that is transmitted as an owner or as a company.

    Adaptive gardening project: We take care of the maintenance of corporate gardens, parks and neighboring communities. We adapt our services to the space of our customers.

    Increases the value: Having quality green areas adds value to the properties, so having a permanent garden maintenance is a benefit for all facilities

    Efficiency: Thanks to our automated irrigation technology and comprehensive work system, we are able to reduce the irrigation costs associated with garden maintenance.

    Specialization in garden maintenance

    Trust a gardening company in Barcelona and Madrid, with more than 80 years of history. Our gardeners are specialized in:

    Garden design

    We plot outdoor and indoor gardening projects from scratch, allowing us to deliver the most appropriate decorative solutions for each space. This way you’ll get more sustainable gardens over time.

    Irrigation systems

    To facilitate the maintenance of gardens, we have automated irrigation technology that allows better management of resources. In addition, thanks to this technology you will save on the cost of water.

    Park and Garden Maintenance

    Each space is unique, so at LD Facility Services you’ll find a solution tailored to every available space. Our gardeners have experience in large and small spaces of parks and gardens both public and private spaces.


    An elementary part of the garden maintenence  is the pruning of vegetation, for this we have specialized tools that allow to obtain results in less time. Whether shrubs or trees, our gardeners are trained and equipped to prune them.

    Pest Treatments

    Part of the gardening maintenance is disinfection and pest control that may affect the health of your green areas. For this purpose we work with specialized plant protection products for gardening projects.

    Floral Decoration

    Part of the gardening job is to bet on the correct use of flowers to give color to parks and gardens. For this reason, we have experts in vegetation that will make this gardening project a total success. We also offer florist services for events.

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