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We innovate to reduce service costs

Ensuring the highest hygienic standards in the health sector is a responsibility that we take on and develop through an effective and strict work methodology, designed to meet the demands required by our health institutions.

LD Facility manages its services based on the following core principles:


Our cleaning and maintenance techniques and our human resources apply the latest working methodologies for the heathcare sector and the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.


Our work teams receive constant training. We believe in promoting specialised learning for staff as a fundamental principle to ensure they are actively involved and develop innovative solutions in the hospital sector.


We have devised our own organisation system to help healthcare centres to reduce costs and make services more flexible. Our management teams establish work guidelines adapted to the needs of each centre, and make continuous improvements.


Quality requires monitoring and controls. We supervise and carry out microbiological tests, enabling us to verify the level of cleanliness in each area. We place staff with a strong vocation to service and effective decision-making capacity on the operational frontline.

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