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The perfect combination of technology and facility services

The perfect combination of technology and facility services.

With over 70 years of experience providing human talent in the Facility Services sector in Spain, we are convinced that the implementation of new technologies in our work processes has been a key factor to propelling us to becoming an industry benchmark.

At LD Facility, we have created an innovative work model that provides constant added-value solutions for our clients. We inject technology into our work processes to obtain high quality results.

We integrate customised solutions to each new project. Our scope of action covers the health, industrial, food and building maintenance sectors.


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We design personalised solutions

At LD Facility, we design tailor-made services with highly qualified personnel. We train our teams to be autonomous, professional and responsible.


As part of our facility services, we develop cleaning projects with PCP (Productive Cleaning Performance) methodology, which is a technology designed to provide improved work efficiency.

It is a combination of integrated practices related to very effective products, tools, and work processes, resulting in increased productivity.

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We provide gardening services to cover the comprehensive conservation and maintenance of gardens and green areas belonging to any building or company. We guarantee the highest quality in service using the most advanced innovative machinery and systems in the sector.

Our highly qualified gardening technicians offer advice, design and project development.

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Only very few companies have a true idea of the quantity of time and resources they invest every day in auxiliary services, and yet it is a key service required to enable them to develop their primary business activities.

We provide our clients with qualified professionals in this area, all of whom who have gone through an extensive selection process.

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At LD Facility, we offer maintenance services for buildings, industries and business centres. We design a maintenance plan and follow up with periodic inspections.

We also manage technical services through the application of our best practices policy and the use of the most advanced technologies on the market. Click on the button for more information.

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At LD Facility we support your CSR objectives by hiring people with disabilities. Our aim is to facilitate job integration through the search, selection and training of personnel to assist your company.

Visit the page focused on this service and see how we can help you!

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COVID19 Disinfection

Disinfection services are increasingly necessary to combat Covid19 virus, that is why at LD Facility as a cleaning company we prepare companies’ work spaces so they can continue with their normal activity.

We use modern technology to prevent the virus’ spread and, as a completely legal company, we follow the hygiene and disinfection protocols according to the Regulations set by the Ministry of Health.

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Cleaning and maintenance for companies

At LD Facility we serve the needs of industrial sector, taking care of cleaning offices and work centers and we thoroughly disinfect hospitals and health centers as well as being present in many other sectors.

Office Cleaning

We are specialists in cleaning work centers, offices and corporate buildings for all kind of companies.

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Health sector

We follow all health protocols to ensure the cleanliness of hospitals and health centers.

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Food sector

We guarantee hygiene and disinfection of each workspace in food industries

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Industrial Sector

We take care of preventive and corrective maintenance of machinery and facilities for each type of industry.

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Commited to the environment

At LD Facility, we are committed to innovation and sustainability.

The aim of our environmental policy is to provide both our employees and customers with ideal, environmentally friendly work environments.

We are aware of the impact of our activity on the environment and for this reason, we are committed to continually evaluating its effects and implementing appropriate actions and improvements, especially in the use of products and materials.

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Aim: To create value for society

At LD Facility we have stron service-orientated values, we guarantee compliance with regulations, and we have the operational decision-making capacity to guarantee quality and dedication in all our services.

responsabilidad social
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Social Responsibilty

Our commitment goes beyond legislation but extends through to our voluntary and solidary engagement, which in turn, implies the changing role of the company in society.

icono Sostenibilidad


Committed to our society and the environment, we take the appropriate measures in all our practices by implementing a management system that is in tune with our surroundings.

ley general de discapacidad
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Social Integration

With over 15 years of experience in labour integration, we can provide legal advice in hiring a CET company (those who hire employees with disabilities) to comply with the General Disability Law (LISMI law).


Constant innovation in Facility Services

We have established an organisational structure to implement an innovation process enabling us to integrate a policy of best practices.

The creation and adoption of continuous improvements form part of the LD Facility DNA.

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LD Facility

LD Facility Added Value Solutions


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LD Facility Added Value Solutions


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LD Facility Added Value Solutions


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LD Facility Added Value Solutions





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